Photoshoot hehehehehe


Oh right! I’m a girl now.

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how we all feel about amnesia plots in kdramas

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"You think you’re leaving her out of noble love? No, you’re just afraid to get hurt yourself. Would you be able to survive without her? You won’t."

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Aww Dong Wook being all needy ^^

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[140728] LEE DONG WOOK Facebook Update:

[‪#‎selfcamera‬ ‪#‎from이동욱‬ ‪#‎present‬ ‪#‎이동욱‬ ‪#‎leedongwook‬]
배우 이동욱씨가 페친 여러분들께 드리는
선물5종세트가 도착 했습니다^^
현우와 모네에게 보내주신 사랑에
깊은 감사 드립니다^^


in which Da Hae and Dong Wook can’t keep their hands off each other again (x) (x)

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140726 kimheenim: My 16-year-old. In order to look cool in my own unique way, I applied gel but kekekeke I became a dragon. Even so, I am cute. #JinGwangMiddleSchool #KimHeechulPlasticSurgeryRumour #KimHeechulNice (cr)

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